Monday, April 9, 2018

BEACH BALLS by Tara Lain

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date Published: May 8, 2017
Reviewed by: Gabrielle (
Obtained via: publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

Adam dreams of a different life. A life where he can be himself and let everyone know just who he is and who he loves. He is tired of hiding his true self and it is beginning to tax every part of his life. On one of his special weekends away he meets Sky and the sparks fly but Sky lives in a world where Adam longs to live but he cannot afford to. Do these two opposites have a chance at something or is their relationship doomed from the start? Two men on opposite sides of everything must find a way to each other.

There is a lot at stake for Adam and Sky. Adam must make some hard choices about his life and Sky must look into his heart and realize what he truly wants and believes. Each man must decide if love is worth fighting for or if they will just give up on it. I enjoyed seeing the two men work through everything as their story developed. Their relationship goes through its ups and downs and it was nice to see Sky and Adam find their way. Adam is a good man and finds something worth going after that means more to him than all the money he could have, and Sky finds that he has some lessons to learn as well. The two are good together and seeing them work through it all made for a good story. Love is never easy and these two find that out the hard way.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book

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Saturday, April 7, 2018


Publisher:     Forever
Published:     February 27, 2018
ISBN:        978-1538727065
Genre:      Contemporary Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina



Ten years ago Jack Everett had enough of his home town and dealing with his alcoholic and abusive father.  He did something he’s long regretted, something that also cost the then 18 year old Jack the girl he loved.  But he never got over Eva Ellis…not really.  Not through UCLA undergrad, not through law school and not on his climb to make partner in his law firm.  When his father dies he returns for the funeral.  Not out of any loyalty to the man who routinely beat him, but to stand by his brothers, Luke and Walker.  Upon his return he learns that aside from the family ranch, the brothers have inherited a vineyard—one that has been sorely neglected. Determined to help his brothers he stays in town long enough to assess the vineyard.  But life has a way of throwing us curves at the oddest times.

Eva Ellis never forgot the boy who took her heart not all that many years ago…but enough years to make some significant changes in her life.  When she accidently runs into Jack—literally and figuratively, all of those old feelings surface.  And along with those feelings are new ones…ones that cannot be ignored.

Can two people let go of ten years of heartbreak and secrets to find their way to each other again?

Second Chance Cowboy was the first A.J. Pine book I’ve read. I love a good western and can’t resist a hot cowboy.  While Second Chance Cowboy takes place on a ranch, it could have pretty much taken place anywhere with a few changes…like getting any struggling business up and running.  That works well if you want a heart touching story without being a cowboy fan. 

I have to admit I got a little tired of Walker’s incessant drunkenness and there was a bit too much repetitiveness about Jack’s rough childhood.  The beginning of the book started on a downer and it took most of the book to get on some sort of positive ground.  If it weren’t for Owen and Scully I’m not sure it would have happened.

I liked Eva.  She’s a great character.  Smart, strong and strong willed, competent and not afraid to put herself out there.  She’s someone you’d want for a friend.

Not a bad read. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

BREAKING POINT by Allison Brennan

A Lucky Kincaid Novel
St. Martin’s
January 30th, 2018
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4 Hearts

Bella Caruso sis a survivor. She survived a nightmare of abuse and betrayal as a teenager and is determined to help those young women who are facing the same thing now. Deep undercover, Bella is determined to find this one child, Hope, who has been missing for eighteen months. Now Bella is deeper than she ever has been but time is running out.

J.T. Caruso is determined to help Bella but when he finds out she is so deep undercover in a sex trafficking ring, he brings in an expert on such things, FBI agent Lucy Kincaid for help. But even with Lucy’s experience in sex trafficking rings, Bella is hard to find because for Bella, finding Hope is goal and she will not rest until she does.

BREAKING POINT is a taut thriller that leaves you on the edge of the seat and refuses to let you go. Ms. Brennan delivers a powerful story that is at times so tough to read I had to put the book down for a few minutes to get myself under control. I am in awe over this author and how she does a marvelous job in capturing the ins and outs of a sex trafficking ring, the nitty gritty details and the evil it does to a person’s soul/body. With the right amount of suspense, the reader is thrust alongside Lucy, JT and the gang as they race to find Bella, who doesn’t want to be found. Bella is a new character to the series and one I enjoyed immensely. She is tough, determined to save as many girls as she can and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for it. I love Bella and felt she had a lot in common with Lucy. There was a side plot involving Lucy and her new FBI boss that intrigued me as well.

If you haven’t read one of the Lucy Kincaid books, then I highly recommend them. They are taut thrillers that will leave you breathless from all the twists and turns this author delivers within the pages of each book. I couldn’t put BREAKING POINT down. It was so good, and I loved how much Lucy has grown as a person and how she is determined to do her job even if that means running afoul to her new boss. With some great characters helping Lucy and J.T., I found BREAKING POINT to be one of Ms. Brennan’s best works yet.

BREAKING POINT is a story that will leave you running for more by this author and I highly recommend her to anyone who loves the crime/police procedural stories as much as I do or even a good thriller with an amazing cast of characters to enjoy. With the right amount of tension, suspense and more, Ms. Brennan delivers a shot out of the park with this one and I am eager to see where she goes in the next Lucy Kincaid book, Too Far Gone, coming later in 2018.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

FATAL CHAOS by Marie Force

A Fatal Series Novel, Book 13
Harlequin Books
February 27th, 2018
Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Mystery/Thriller
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
5 Hearts

For Metro Police Lieutenant Sam Holland, escaping the heat and humidity of DC was the smartest move ever made. She got to enjoy family time with her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano and her family and friends at the beach even if romantic beach walks are not so romantic with secret service around them. No sooner back from vacation, Sam is thrust in a case that puts the whole city on edge. Fatal drive by shootings keep Sam and her homicide department working around the clock trying to stop these criminals but the clock is ticking. With the fallout continuing over the president’s son’s activities that targeted Sam, Nick and their families, will Sam and Nick find their lives changed and possibly have Sam’s career end.? Can the greatest challenge Nick has ever faced in politics with the mounting pressure destroy the bond they worked so hard to build together or deepen it?

FATAL CHAOS continues the aftermath of Fatal Threat and delivers a pulse pounding story from start to finish. With the right amount of tension, mystery and romance, Ms. Force delivers a powerhouse of a story that will leave you breathless. As this is the thirteenth book in the series, I highly recommend you read this series in order as each book capitalizes on the next and the characters mention past events that you may not know about or are confused about if you start mid-way. FATAL CHAOS takes us to the beach where Sam and Nick as well as their immediate families are enjoying some major downtime together after the threat they had to deal with in Fatal Threat. With characters that just blow you away to scenes of intense emotions, you find yourself on the edge of your seat along side Sam and Nick as they navigate this new threat to their home and relationship.

What I love about the Fatal series books are the characters. Samantha Holland is a kick ass take no prisoners cop and is determined to do her job to the best of her ability. Granted sometimes those abilities get her in the ER where her husband freaks out over another bruise or stitches but its part of her job as a police officer. Granted she is the second lady of the United States which also is part of her world. I love how Ms. Force has Sam not quite the perfect political wife. She has no desire to give up her career, a career she worked her ass off for and it takes a special kind of person to accept that about her. Nick is her perfect counterpart in every way. These two take my breath away and I love how in synch they can be in especially when it comes to their son Scotty. With each book, the reader falls for this couple and cast of characters more deeply. I absolutely adore the secondary cast of characters Ms. Force has created. From FBI agent Avery Quinn to their helper/assistant Shelby who just loves pink. Sam’s interactions with everyone-good guys and bad- keep me in stitches one minute, rooting for her to take down the bad guy the next. Each time I crack open one of these books, I find myself falling back under the spell of Ms. Force and loving every minute of it. Every character, be it main characters, secondary or the bad guys, are all well written, multidimensional and keep the reader glued to the pages till the very end of the book. Its rare for me to reread a series repeatedly unless they are one of my absolute favorites and the Fatal series is one I do a reread of periodically.

FATAL CHAOS is one hell of a ride and leaves the reader guessing right till the climatic ending. With some scenes where Sam is teasing her partner Freddie over what she is planning for his bachelor party (Dwarf strippers anyone??!!) to her determination to finding the bad guys and stopping the killing going on in her city, Ms. Force delivers a powerhouse of a story that will leave you gasping for more. Now the only complaint I have is I need more and luckily November is coming soon for the next book. I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys a JD Robb In Death book, House of Cards TV show and more because once you start this series, you won’t want to put it down.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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